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Announcing a new quarterly close-up magic magazine!

In the tradition of such harbingers of doom and gloom like, “The Pallbearer’s Review,” “Epilogue,” and “Apocalypse” comes the “The End Times,” a new journal of close-up magic.

While you are waiting for the zombie king to rise up and command his army of undead to suck your brains out through your ear with a soda straw, how will you pass the time? We’ve got you covered with a quarterly offering of fresh fantasy from Ryan Matney and friends.

You will receive four big issues a year, each one 70 pages and featuring 6-8 brand new close-up miracles by a host of talented doomsday-ready magicians. Plus, as much crazy as we can cram in.

The first issue is out now and features:

“Dislocation” by Ryan Matney, a quick, and amazing, single card across type thingy that is perfect entertainment when you are dislocated from your home and sleeping under the stars. Sounds nice? It won’t be.

“When Charlie met Johann” by Tony Miller, a Royal Marriages in which the spectator does all the shuffling and all the cutting and somehow performs the entire trick by themselves leaving you free to stock your bomb shelter with canned goods in case the supermarkets are being looted.

“Direct Ace Cutting” by Nathan Colwell, a super slick and modern version of the “Spectator Cuts the Aces” for those difficult times when you need to impress the local cannibals to gain a fresh water supply.

We will only be printing what we need of this secret publication as this information is just for the savvy. So, subscribe now to avoid being a sad lad on judgment day.

In addition to the regular four issues a year, subscribers will also receive an “Extra” issue three times a year featuring 30 more pages of amazing routines from the best creators in magic. These extra issues are ONLY available to subscribers and will never be sold separately. We have reserved some special material for these.

Here’s what subscribers are saying about the first killer issue:

“This is too good to pass up! Ryan Matney’s new quarterly is truly the bomb! Great magic, great design, and fun to read! If you care about civilization at all, do the right thing and subscribe!!!” – Jonathan Friedman

“Ryan Matney’s magic magazine far exceeded my expectations. The first issue of The End Times is great!” – Chris Hage

“So far I’ve studied and learned 3 killers in this first issue! Ryan’s “Dislocation” is a beautiful card to a number hybrid that I think many will like and do. “Cerebral Ballsy” is a great mental effect where the construction is very elegant and the payoff very strong. Finally, Anthony Miller’s “When Charlie met Johann” is a simply brilliant hands off approach to the classic Royal Marriages effect. Well done Ryan!!!” – John Carey

I don’t think anyone can complain that they haven’t gotten their money’s worth for this issue.” – Jack Shalom

“I subscribed because I like Ryan’s style of card magic and his thinking. After receiving the first issue (70 pages!) and reading the first card routine I was hooked. Not only was it easy and strong but it also used two moves (actually subtleties) that I never knew existed. I have actually performed it for friends and magicians dozens of times and all were very impressed.

If you like card magic, you will love this magazine (book). The first trick alone is worth the price of an entire subscription.” – Meir Yedid

“The End Times is a great new journal by the very clever Ryan Matney. I see a LOT of new magic in my job but when I see material of this quality I sit up and take notice. I will be subscribing. The first trick in the first issue, “Dislocation,” is worth the price of admission. It uses one of my favorite “semi-automatic” ideas in a new and interesting way. I found at least two effects I will add into my repertoire just in issue one. Ryan’s got a great eye for strong material and you see that in this exciting new series. If “Book One” is any indication of what is to come, I am excited to see more.” – Tim Trono

We know you want it, so let’s bargain:

4 issues a year, plus the EXTRA issues for subscribers only, and a couple of surprises along the way, all shipped to your door in a plain brown package for only $130.00. Only $150.00 in the rest of the world.

Don’t delay! Time is running out for all of us!

If you live in Europe and wish to subscribe, your issues will be mailed by our friends at Kaymar Magic in the U.K. They have an awesome and exclusive range and they ship everywhere!

Visit Kaymar Magic:

Our Australian distributor is Piper Magic, the best magic shop in Oz.  Visit them at





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