The End Times Book Two


Back from the brink with more magic.



Back from the brink. Book Two has been a long time coming and now it is here.

9 items featuring tricks that are self-working, some displays of skill, a couple of visual surprises, and even some hypnotic influence.

Rigged Result is John Carey’s latest sleight-free take on the Free Will concept and the best version using playing cards we have seen this side of Thunderdome.

Let’s Cut a Deal by Scott Kahn – A sleight-less miracle using two decks with a combining coincidence and skill.

That’s Odd by Al Bach – A unusual and original approach to the wild card plot and a worker’s packet trick.

Depth Perception Assembly by Jay Jayaraman – A twist on the instant Ace Assembly.

Antithesis by Phil Dean- The anti-card trick. A clever method using a prop you have in your drawer produces a series of effects to prove you influenced the spectator’s actions all along.

Pencil Illusion by Kyosuke Kira – A strange, visual trick with a strange method.

Mixology by Cannibal Nick Trost – In between feedings, Cannibal Trost has revised one of his little used effects. These are the cards that can’t be mixed.

Psychic Rip-Off by Ryan Matney – Is it a unique, swift version of Out of This World or a display of supernatural skill? Yes.

Gypsy CAAN by John Carey – A little cartomancy meets an impossible circumstance in this direct card at any number with an engaging presentation. This is a rock upon which to build your church.

70 pages and a boatload of pictures.


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