Swiss Pack by David Acer




A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician offers to let the audience in on a secret. How does he locate a selected card? It’s easy. The card has now been marked in a subtle way so he can find it. The deck is spread and the chosen card is quickly found because it now has several holes punched through it. A subtle mark indeed.

The magician offers to repair the selected card and the holes in the selection visually vanish.

Where did the holes go? The entire deck now has a large whole running through the center. Everything may be examined.

“It is a wonderful walk-around trick; very magical and bound to produce a good deal of laughter.”–Aldo Colombini

David Acer has created a practical, workhorse, routine that is suitable for most any performing condition and we are proud to offer it to magicians everywhere as Retro Rocket Magic’s first release.

Demo by Chastain Criswell


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