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Ryan Matney is back with eleven all new card tricks structured for the real world.
Contents include:
Plan B Aces
Metro Ltd.
Jokus Locus
Flush Exchange and seven more effects.
Every item features the thoughtful construction, eccentric plots, and practical performance considerations that are Ryan Matney‘s signature.
60 pages with 98 photos making everything crystal clear.
Limited to 400 copies.

“Just finished reading – a super collection of practical card magic.” –Peter Duffie

A really solid and enjoyable collection of card work here guys. No fluff. Very workable material.” –John Carey

“I just read through Ryan Matney‘s latest ebook “Bada-Bing”. In short buy it! Ryan very clearly describes 10 fun, clever, practical, well constructed, real world card tricks. You will use many if not all of these tricks. They will also get your creative juices flowing. It gave me a bunch of ideas. I really enjoyed this collection of fun effective material. Priced at $15.00 (e-book) this is a real bargain! Do yourself a favor and order a copy.” – Tom Dobrowolski

“This is a fantastic collection Ryan. I really enjoyed all of the contents, although A View to an Overkill, Counted On It, and Jokus Locus were favorites.” – Bill Citino

“Go buy it now! Just don’t do Plan B Aces or Jokus Locus.” – Chastain Criswell

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ryan Matney for years – we even hired him to work the Twin City Convention. I have a couple of his books and can assure anyone he is one of the best thinkers I know.
Chastain is right. You should buy this.” – Mike Elam

 “I have just finished reading Ryan Matney‘s new ebook Bada-Bing!. 10 card tricks, all are excellent and easy to do (except one which requires second deal). Strong magic for real world people. The best magic book I have read recently.” – Jozsef Kovacs


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